Opera for children! “Lilla Hon”

Bobo Åkerros – producer, Lena Ollmark – writer, Magnus Båge – music, Iso Porovic – director


One of the most interesting and challenging projects in my career has been the collaboration with Musik Västernorrland and Lena Ollmark – children author. We have together created the opera “Den förskräckliga historien om Lilla Hon” – a comedy-horror-opera! We will start rehearsing at Riksteatern in Stockholm the 14 of may 2018 and the premier will be in Östersund the 19 of october 2018. We will tour in the north of Sweden and play for children of 10 years of age.

Here is our webpage:  http://operanlillahon.se/

And here you can listen here from clips from the premier:

Scene 2 – the students song

scene 5 – the teacher’s song

scene 6 – the chefs song

scene 7 – the craft boy

and then scene 9 – the finale

I will keep you posted about this wonderful event!

Here are photos from the premier and the rehearsals: