Are you interested in developing your flute or piano playing?

I have a pedagogic degree in flute teaching from SMI in Stockholm and have taught alot through out the years, both private students and officially at SMI, Södra Latin as well as municipal schools around Sweden. I teach mostly flute, piano, music theory and improvisation. One of my specialities is that I also do workshops in flute improvisation and how to develop your own creativity which I believe is very fun and important to share with others.

It is you who decide what you want to focus on, how to get a better tone, breathing, your own creative work or technique. Maybe you want to have a better insight in interpretation or some specific composer or genre that you wish to know more about.

As a classical schooled flutist, I also have a niche in that I have improvised and played a lot of jazz. For you who want to elaborate on your improvisation, can also get help with that.

If you live in another part of the world, I give Skype lessons and I always tailor-make every setup with every student, all levels and ages are welcome!

I teach mostly in Stockholm but also in other parts of Sweden and internationally. Please contact me if you are interested in flute or piano lessons or some other subject on the following email:

Here is a short film with my piano playing:

Below you can read about my students appreciation and judgements:


“Andy (to the left) has been learning to play piano from Magnus for eight months. Magnus is not Andy’s first teacher, but he makes Andy like to play piano. Magnus uses many lively and interesting teaching methods to get his students’ attention. Andy likes his piano training course instructed by Magnus. Andy felt bad when he knew that we were leaving Sweden for a few years. Andy would like to learn to play piano from Magnus when we come back to Sweden.” (Andys mother Juliet)

After 35 years of playing the flute, I found Magnus and how many aha-experiences it has become! You can see that Magnus loves to teach, he is incredibly inspiring and enthusiastic and loves to share all his knowledge. Every lesson I get alot of tricks and ideas that makes my playing easier and more fun and many times I have been thinking “why didn’t anyone tell me this before? I am always going from the lessons with a smile. I warmly recommend Magnus to everyone who wants to develope his/her flute playing – whatever kind of ambition you might have. 

Britta Hausmann – flute student

First lesson: a revelation! A detail and the tone was there. It is not long time ago since I started the flute lessons for Magnus but what an improvement! From screaming high notes, an anarchy of tempi and a poor intonation to improvements I never thought I was capable of. Magnus has been a great source of inspiration with his long and versatile experience as a pedagogue and artist. Thankyou!

Paulo Duarte – flutestudent



Magnus has helped me to take my fluteplaying to a new level! After 3 terms with a beginners group, I wanted to develop my playing technique further and I have really got help with that. Magnus is skilled in guiding every small step which is needed to make the playing better. Every lesson gives new inspiration thanks to Magnus encouragement and instructive advice. I have got a complete new interest for the flute and the progression has made my playing more fun. 

Miia Ekholm


I have a busy life and not much time to study the flute, so every minute really counts. Magnus understands that and helped me to focus on what’s important, what really will make a difference and not wasting any time. When I started to take lessons with him I had played the flute for 2 weeks. After a few months and a few lessons I could play several songs and also play with other musicians. The improvement I have made is incredible to me….

Adolfo – flute student




16 years ago I started with piano lessons. The piano teacher I had at the time, never demanded anything from me or rarely gave homework which resulted in a slow development. The time between the lessons increased. In that moment a friend told me about Magnus Båge and I started studying jazz piano with him. What a difference! It is now almost 3 years ago and I am looking forward to each lesson as the highlight of the week. I have developed enormously and to play the piano has become my fuel thanks to Magnus amazing ability to teach. And that he is one of the nicest and most humble persons I have ever met, doesn’t make it worse. Choose your hypnotizers with concern. Choose Magnus Båge!

Björn Persson. Piano student

I got the possibility to begin with Magnus as a teacher as a 12 year old when I earlier joined the municipal school in Lidingö. The teacher I had, did not encourage or helped me to develop much. When I started working with Magnus a whole new part of the music world opened up, where he not only inspired and gave good advice but also listened to my own taste of music. After a long summer vacation in 2016, I lost a bit of the joy to play the piano but after one lesson with Magnus I am again more inspired to actually play alot at home and enjoy it. 

Astrid Wanecek, 15 years old

I have played flute with Magnus for a year and I am very happy that I found him as a flute teacher. I have done great progress that I couldn’t believe was possible in a very short period of time. I think it is because Magnus is giving me real tools how to work with the flute and a piece of music. He has a very good and strong feeling for what I need and on what level he can work on. The lessons and the pieces I get are always challenging, but they are all the time reasonable and I feel proud when I have mastered a difficulty. Every time I go from his lessons filled with energy and joy over my instrument. I want to recommend him wholeheartedly!

Sibylle Herzer