I am happy and proud to tell that my cd with Lars Jansson is now accomplished! It will be released at the record company Prophone Records in january 2015 and can be ordered at I am very grateful to Bertil Hansson for his beautiful cover art and Karin Andersen for her great work with the cd overall.

Warm greetings from Magnus

Grupp Satori

New review of “Satori” in “All about jazz” in november 2016!

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Magnus Båge, Lars Jansson,Fredrik Jonsson, Christer Sjöström(Prophone/Naxos)

To combine classical music and jazz is not easy. Many attempts have been done if not particularly succesful. The turn has now come to the flutist Magnus Båge who is producing this cd. Together with the piano player Lars Jansson he has composed half of the content of the cd. Lars is responsible for the rest of the material. With Fredrik Jonsson – bass and the drummer Christer Sjöström the group is complete in a rare cd with a personal shape. The title of the cd means “enlightenment” in japanese. The music has a meditativ form which can approach the territory of the jazz – but not always. The moods are changing between soft light improvised contributions and more strongly held parts. The open improvised parts add air and tension to the often occuring withdrawn playing where the rythms are relaxed and subordinate Båges and Lars beautiful sensual intentions.
SONY DSC(August 2013)
Vacation is soon over and I am looking forward to September and a new recording with my friend and colleague Lars Jansson. We have worked together for more than two years to create new music for a quartet. It´s a challenge for both of us to bridge our different musical background. Lars comes from a genuine jazzgenre and I am used to a more classical interpretation. With our new material we are looking into new possibilites.I am really curious to see where this can lead us! We will record in Nilento Studio together with my friends Christer Sjöström on drums and Fredrik Jonsson on bass. I am very thankful to the Barbro Osher Foundation and Dag Landvik who have made this project possible!